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Happy Friday! I am currently looking for a new home which has design on my mind. My dad always says that my current condo looks like Dr. Seuss’ house. What can I say…I love color!


I have a very masculine couch. So in an effort to “Lindsey” it up, I did some amazing pillow shopping!

1. Blush Ruffle Pillow

2. Shaded Spruce Pillow

3. Papaya Cut Velvet Pillow

4. Fuzzy Pillow – Chocolate Brown

Home Décor – Images of inspiration

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Home Sweet Home

Home Improvements Done:

After months of work on our home our new floors are finally in and they look amazing! We went with a light maple and I think it really added light to our small space. We also added a 5” white detailed baseboard to copy some of the amazing old building I love so such in Pioneer Square. Now, as I have told you before, I am trying to decorate while keeping the idea of “less is more” in mind.

Kisses looking like a fashion model!


Tile me Crazy

I love how tile can spice up the look of a home. It has so much character and as the tile ages it almost becomes better…like it has a story to tell.

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New York Style

I love in New York how each neighborhood has its own subculture. They are distinct and trendy in their own way, yet only a couple street blocks separate them. I found this amazing designer Christina Murphy. Below are some of the apartments that she has done throughout Manhattan.

Soho Retreat

Eastside Charm

Park Avenue

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Wallpaper is so Trendy

While continuing my home improvement

projects (pictures of my new bedroom and hardwood floors soon to come),

I am across Graham & Brown. They taught me an important lesson…..

Wallpaper is so trendy!