I was so lucky to have two very different grandmothers in my life as a little girl. Although they only graced my life for a short period, I believe that their influence has made me who I am today….or more accurately; who I am learning to be.

My Grandma Birdie was what I will call the “first feminist.” During World War Two she worked as the iconic “Rosie the Riveter” here in Seattle at Boeing. She married my grandfather “later” in life and had my dad at the ripe age of 27 which was quite progressive for her time. She lived on a fishing boat with my grandfather (while raising my dad) and ran a tackle shop. In the mid 60’s they moved out to an old farm house where she relocated her business and became known in her community as a successful business women (in an industry, fishing and hunting, that no women dare step foot).  She believed in working hard and sleeping in…I tell my husband he can thank her for that.

Grandma Wilma was a little different. Marrying at the young age of 18 to a man almost 2 times her senior. Her life was about her kids, her friends, and being social. She was beautiful, that goes without saying, but in an easy Jackie-O way that made other woman envious. Even into her 70s the women could pull off purple hot pants and bright pink pumps. The woman had style. I will always remember that she had a special closet built to display her shoes; as the closet turned more shoes would appear….it was like magic for a young fashioista in the making. Needless to say, I don’t think we need to call Freud…we know where my shoe fetish comes from.

I would like to believe that to make Lindsey it was the simple equation of Birdie+Wilma=Lindsey.

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