Summer Reading List

Must read Books for the summer:

My Boyfriend Wrote A Book About Me

This book is crazy Funny. It is “fictional” but more a retelling of a breakup from the writers perspective. As if ending a relationship is not bad enough…her (Hilary Winston) boyfriend wrote a book about it…what is the best revenge??? Write your own book. Loved it!

The Art Of Racing In the Rain

I have always been a dog person (aka my constant posting of Lola), but this book really put me over the top. The story is told from the perspective of the dog, which makes you as a reader feel the vulnerability of the story. I found myself laughing, crying, and most of all loving my dog even more after I was finished. And now I always make sure I say hi to Lola when I get home! I finished this book in one day….I just could not stop!

Water for Elephants

All I can say is that I slowed down while reading this book because I did not want it to end!

Happy Poolside Reading!


2 Comments on “Summer Reading List”

  1. Lyndsy says:

    I want to read Art of Racing in the rain next 🙂 I also need to read water for elephants and now you have me intrigued with that first book!

  2. I’ve read the last two and completely agree. I finished in less than a day cried like a baby at the end. Going to look into the first one. Thanks for the list. I’m always on the lookout for new reads!

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