Another World and Another Time

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I traveled to Italy while I was in College, Poor, Young, Sick, and Hungry. I remember thinking at times, I am missing it…..due to lack of well…Food and maybe too much wine. But then I see images like this, which remind me of Cinque Terre, and I am taken back to that magical time when life felt simple and slow. Everything was better, the food had more flavor than anything I had ever tasted, the life style was more relaxed and yet more lived (in Cinque Terre, locals would sit out all night enjoying life and the company of neighbors without worries of early morning commutes or deadlines), and the people were magically beautiful! An old man who only spoke Italian (which I spoke absolutely ZERO of) sat and had dinner with me one night, chatting and smiling as if I had any idea of what he was saying; simple and special. I am thankful for the time I traveled and now more than every want to go back!


One Comment on “Another World and Another Time”

  1. Leslie says:

    Love this post – definately transformed me back a bit and left my feeling a little lighter today! Thanks for sharing. Im a total fan of your blog!

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