My Suitcase and Stilettos are Tired

Austin was an absolute blast.

We slept in, played in the sun, swam, drank way too much, eat way to may tacos and just enjoyed Austin. Here are some of the pictures from the trip:

Our trip started with me trying to navigate our map in our oh so compact car.

Our first of many trail park eateries!

What else comes from a 1950 travel trailer then a….Beef Brisket Crepe! Yummy

The shopping on Congress Ave was amazing. Specialty boutiques galore!

This guy needs a drink (my hubby….isn’t he cute!)

Caffeine Dealer…those Texans are clever!


While in Austin, Chips and Salsa became my main source of food…..can you blame me?

Trailer Park Eatery…need I say more?!?!

Decor at the Trailer Park Eatery

Bri and I at the Park Lane Guest House

Being the big football fans that we are…(well that Brian is…) we (well Brian…) wanted to go see the University of Texas stadium. (Have I said how cute my husband is?)

Hamilton Pool–  Think waterfalls and caves and Beautiful trails to the river!

Cute right?

Lastly, my favorite part of our trip…the drive through beer stop….Only in Texas right?

XOXOX – Love you always Austin!


2 Comments on “My Suitcase and Stilettos are Tired”

  1. Cori K. says:

    I cannot wait to hear all about it! Hamilton Pool looked beautiful! Please excuse my overuse of the exclamation mark, but I AM SOOO EXCITED!

  2. beef brisket crepe?!? wow sounds amazing

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