Guest Post by Twirly Skirts

Hello everyone!! I’m off until I return from my vacation in Austin. Please enjoy this post from Molliee at Twirly Skirts. She is one of my favorite bloggers. Enjoy!

Spring Florals = Happiness

I am so excited to be guest posting today on Birdie and Wilma! My name is Molliee and I write the blog Twirly Skirts, which is a fashion blog dedicated to my take on all things fabulous, beautiful and inspiring. You can find me on Twitter  and Facebook  as well!
Today I wanted to talk about spring florals and being fearless in incorporating them into your wardrobe. I can’t stress enough the power of a fun, cheery floral piece. Whether it is a full dress like these or even just a blouse, there is nothing more refreshing to wear come spring than flowers showcased in your outfit. I talk a lot about wearing things that make you smile. Why wear things that do anything but make you in a better mood? Some days going boho chic makes me happy and other days drama with an all black ensemble fits my mood. Nevertheless, this season make sure to rock the floral prints in your closet or invest in a few new ones. Trust me – the smile on your face all day will be worth it. ♥

Lovely Clothing from Josef Boutique


5 Comments on “Guest Post by Twirly Skirts”

  1. […] I am over at Birdie and Wilma guest blogging on bright floral dresses for the upcoming warmer months! See you there and […]

  2. hi there! lovely post once again!! cute outfits!

  3. I’ve been into spring florals, but haven’t found any that grab me yet. I do have a spring floral dress that I adored in high school, but it seems dated. I’m thinking I am going to remake it with a striped skirt per April’s Instyle … thoughts?

  4. Thank you so much for letting me guest post! xoxo

  5. Margaret says:

    I definitely love floral prints as well. I own a few floral silk dresses that come spring/summer I live in 🙂

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