The Weekend is Here!!!!!

Via Late Afternoon

Happy Friday! This weekend I am looking forward to:

  1. Wine Wine Wine…need I say more
  2. Sleeping in and enjoying some coffee in bed.
  3. Spending Time with Friends and my Hubby.
  4. Take the love of my life Lola for a Walk and a belly scratch (for Lola not me)
  5. Taking my new dress out for a night on the town for a friends birthday – Happy Birthday Emilee
  6. Finishing Water for Elephants (I have like 4 chapters left….I don’t want it to end)
  7. And oh….Dexter…my newest addiction If you have not seen Dexter yet, you are missing out. At first I was a little turned off by the fact that Dexter is a serial killer, but as promised by my friends, I have grown to love him and fear that he will ever be caught. If you have not seen it, he only kills really bad people. Kinda like a super hero… in a really dark and twisted comic book. Anyways I love it. Happy Weekend!

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