The Girl Can Party

So I found Tori’s Party plans for the Royal Wedding. So excited. How did I not get an invite, she must have just misplaced my address.

And I Quote: Here are Spelling’s plans, in her own words, for her get together.

“I can’t wait to host a viewing party for the royal wedding! Problem is it airs at 3 a.m. in California. So, to make this Must See TV Moment feasible for my guests, I decided to host a Royal Sleepover! I’m telling all my friends girls and gays and Dean – poor Dean – to come over to my house Friday morning at 1 a.m. I’m having about 10 friends/royal fanatics. ”

The Wardrobe
“When they arrive at my house guests will be handed a pair of old fashioned button up cotton PJs in their size, slippers, and, of course, a now famous Kate Middleton mini hat (all homemade by me, of course!) to change into for the royal viewing. ”

The Décor
“I’m going to hang tons of new and vintage Union Jack flags and have cozy throws for everyone to snuggle up with on the couch.”

The Menu
“We’ll snack on traditional English fare such as tea sandwiches, scones, mini fish & chips, mini meat pies, and, for dessert, a homemade berry trifle, of course! Beverages of tea, Pimm’s cocktails, mimosas and pints will be served.”

The Princess
“Kate is every little girl’s modern day fairy-tale come true and we can’t wait to all see her dream unfold as it’s broadcast live for the public at 3 a.m. PT!”

The Encore
“After is all said and done, Dean will make a big traditional English breakfast for our guests of fried eggs, sausage, bacon, fried bread, black pudding and baked beans. And, of course, some strong English breakfast tea to start – ummm… end? – their day!”

Parting Gift
“Each guest will leave with a mini Mason jar filled with my homemade trifle and sealed with a Union Jack flag and mini wooden spoon to enjoy.”

“We are so excited! I love a ROYAL reason to throw a party.”

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4 Comments on “The Girl Can Party”

  1. Gannon says:

    Wow! that sounds like an amazing party. Not as amazing as the birdie baby shower, but close! 😉

  2. ummm can I be invited??? hehe

  3. Rianna says:

    That sounds like one amazing party! I love that everyone will be in p.j’s!!
    Its brill!
    Rianna xxx

  4. […] wanted to do a followup on the post about Tori’s BIG Royal Wedding Social Gathering (that I was not invited to). Here are some of the pictures that she posted from her […]

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