First comes Birds then comes Babies

Baby Shower Post Part 2. Over the last two months all I have been thinking about is birds and how to incorporate them into a baby shower. This last weekend it finally happened.

Here is the room 100% ready for party time.

What Bird Baby Shower would be complete without a tree full of sockies?

I traced and cut hundreds of birds to hang from the balloons. This was my favorite part of the party decor!

Cupcake birds nest

Peeps in Their Nests

What can I say, I just love to get lost in details! Now it is time for the babies ~


One Comment on “First comes Birds then comes Babies”

  1. Teresa says:

    I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the amount of detail put into this most fabulous baby shower! I have to agree, the “flying” birds were my favorite followed by the strawberry drink in the mason jars. I only wish I could have had one! Save the recipe for the summer time after baby Avery is born! I’ve been to (what feels like) 100’s of baby showers and to have one thrown that was so unique and beautiful is the best feeling! Thanks Auntie Linz for such an amazing shower!

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